Preventative and Predictive Maintenance

Breakdowns and failures cause costly unscheduled downtime. Magnetech Industrial Services provides a comprehensive preventative/predictive maintenance program that can greatly reduce the threat of downtime. Our technicians and state-of-the-art equipment can detect problems and repair them prior to a failure.


Mechanical and electrical problems will eventually develop in all rotating equipment. Vibration levels will increase and occur at specific frequencies that relate to the type of developing fault. A vibration analyzer will measure both vibration frequency and severity. Magnetech uses trended data and vibration signatures to quickly pinpoint defective components.


Magnetech obtails oil samples from machinery at regular intervals – while the machine is operating – to obtain true samples of “active oil”. The information obtained from each oil sample is combined with vibration data, thermal imaging, electrical and other testing methods to provide a more accurate assessment of condition. Test results are stored and trended.


Magnetech technicians are able scan an area and identify problems such as gas leaks, vacuum leaks, valve leaks and similar problems.


Careful examination of the entire machine is critical to an accurate evaluation of component condition. Using observed physical characteristics and predictive maintenance data, Magnetech technicians can provide valuable information on potential problems. Magnetech crews can conduct routine inspections through a mutually agreed PM schedule.


Conducted under load, this technology views energy emissions from operating equipment and transforms the information into a color-coded map. Reports then capture temperature differences between problem areas and baseline values.


Our technicians can handle all your motor testing needs using either a PdMA Motor Circuit Evaluator while the unit is off-line or a PdMA Emax Tester when a unit is on-line providing graphs of data trends and comparison reports in the field to analyze power quality, power circuit condition, stator health, and motor efficiency.


Precision alignment is proven to deliver significant cost savings in electricity, machine repair, and downtime. Symptoms of misalignment include: excessive vibration, high bearing temperatures, loose foundation bolts, excessive oil leakage at seals, excessive coupling temperature and wear, shafts breaking at inboard bearings, and premature bearing seal & coupling failure.