Generator and Motor Repair & Rewind

Magnetech Industrial Services offers complete generator and motor repair, rewind, reconditioning, and re manufacturing. We service all makes and models of AC/DC motors and generators. We run diagnostics and provide field services including comprehensive preventive maintenance and 24/7 emergency service. Our in-house engineering staff provides: performance verification and analysis, motor redesign, and UL re-rating. We specialize in solving your equipment problems – on time, to specification and within budget.



Generator and Motor Repair and RewindElectric Motor Rewind, Repair, & Remanufacture

On a daily basis, Magnetech provides rewind, testing, analysis, repair, and remanufacture services to AC and DC motors in the field and brought back to our facilities.

  • AC motors 1/4 HP to 80,000 HP (13.8kV)
  • DC motors and generators 1/4 HP to 10,000 HP (750V)
  • UL listed explosion-proof motors
  • ABB, GE, Hyundai Ideal & TMEIC authorized service
  • 12′ VPI
  • Dynamic balancing to ANSI & ISO standards
  • Dynamometer load testing
  • Complete mechanical repair service

Motor Design and Diagnostics

Magnetech’s in-house engineering staff can provide motor modifications and UL re-rating.  Our extended team can perform diagnostics on your motor for root cause failure analysis, and can easily provide performance verification and analysis for the application you desire.

Generator and Motor Field Services

With 24/7 emergency callout field service for emergencies, our ability to support customers tonight or on a scheduled basis is unbeatable.

In the field our service reps can provide the following services:

  • Equipment removal
  • Equipment installation and commissioning
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance, including infrared thermal imaging, vibration analysis, oil analysis, borescope inspections, laser shaft alignment, field balancing, PdMA Motor Circuit Evaluation and Emax Electrical Testing
  • On-site rewinds
  • Field machining

Definite Purpose Motors

Our service technicians in the field and at our shops see motors from a variety of applications and in different operating conditions every day.  Our experience has brought us in contact for service, among others:

  • Reactor coolant pump motors
  • Boiler feed pump motors
  • Circulating water pump motors
  • Traction motors
  • Shredder motors
  • Induced draft and forced draft fan motors, including Westinghouse PAM motors

Definite Purpose Generators

We provide the entire gamut of services for generators that are in need of repair, rewind, cleanup or tune up.

  • Hydro turbines and generators – stator rewinds, rotor rewinds, on-site rewinds
  • Wind generator rewinds
  • Steam or combustion turbines and generators
  • Class I rail main generators, alternators, and auxiliary equipment