Field Services

Magnetech Industrial Services field service personnel are specialists in maximizing the performance of manufacturing and processing facilities with a variety of hands-on services, motor field services, transformer field services, circuit breaker/switchgear field services, and magnet field services to name a few.

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24/7 Emergency Service
Magnetech technicians are available around the clock to respond to your emergency breakdown needs.

transformer field servicesTransformer Field Services
Magnetech’s comprehensive transformer field services include repairs, inspections, electrical testing, and oil testing.  See below or view our transformer shop and field services sheet for more information.


      • Coolers, valves, fans, controls, wiring and accessories replacement
      • Pump rebuild and replacement
      • Painting
    • Bushing Replacement
    • Turnkey Transformer Services
      • Transformer relocation
      • Assembly, installation and commissioning
    • Internal Inspection and Repair
      • Lead repair
      • No-load tap changer repair
      • Re-blocking
    • Fluid Services
      • Oil reclamation, oil dehydration, and oil degasification
      • Vacuum filling
      • Vacuum dry-out
      • Oil sampling services
    • Load Tap Changer Inspection and Maintenance
    • Electrical Testing
    • Mechanical Services

Motor Preventive Maintenance Services
The best method to ensure productivity and lower Maintenance, Repair, Operations costs is a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. Our field service personnel are experts at keeping your equipment in prime operating condition with these services and more:

  • Laser alignment
  • On-site commutator turning & undercutting
  • Turnkey removal & reinstallation services
  • Scheduled outage service & troubleshooting
  • DC motor brush wear analysis
  • DC motor brush maintenance programs
  • Motor commissioning services
  • Motor cleaning & lubrication programs
  • Drive system troubleshooting
  • Contract maintenance programs
  • Electrical testing
  • Equipment assessment
  • Remote visual inspection

Motor Predictive Maintenance Technologies
Predictive maintenance services are one of the best ways to guard against costly breakdowns during production runs and to reduce equipment repair costs.

These services continually monitor the performance of your equipment over time and can predict when a component failure will occur. This advance warning gives you time to schedule repairs and maintenance and avoid a costly breakdown. Predictive maintenance testing and analysis includes:

  • Vibration spectrum analysis
  • Thermographic imaging & analysis
  • Tribology & oil particle analysis
  • Motor circuit evaluation & analysis
  • Ultrasonic testing

Total Motor Management® (TMM)
Magnetech can help you achieve operating excellence by deploying a wide selection of value-added TMM services – each custom-tailored to your company’s needs. For example, we can conduct an extensive survey of your company’s equipment and production needs in one plant or several, then provide recommendations.

  • Lower and properly maintain spare parts inventories
  • Increase efficiency to lower energy costs
  • Reduce equipment repair and purchase costs
  • Ensure production uptime and operating efficiency

Unlike a consultant, we can implement these recommendations for you – taking responsibility for the entire effort. These services and more are available for better bottom line results:

  • New AC and DC motors
  • Motor management / performance guarantee
  • Equipment identification surveys & management
  • Inventory consolidation & spares management
  • Storage / warehouse management
  • Warranty tracking
  • Historical database management
  • Repair standards
  • Root cause failure analysis & corrective action reporting
  • Performance enhancement / needs assessments
  • Performance guarantee programs
  • Contract predictive / preventive maintenance programs

MagneTrac® Magnet Management Program
Magnetech Industrial Services’ MagneTrac® program is custom designed to help you efficiently track the mechanical and electrical integrity of your lifting magnets and related equipment to greatly minimize downtime associated with equipment failures.  Our trained technicians:

  • Inspect and inventory every magnet, crane, motor and system component
  • Assign an ID number to each magnet, crane and motor
  • Document magnet and motor system compatibility
  • Document application, usage and condition of each component

The data is analyzed and a comprehensive report is prepared that includes the following:

  • Repair list for defective units
  • Recommendations for component standardization
  • Suggested reduction of magnet spare inventory
  • Recommended spare parts inventory
  • Suggested maintenance and PM schedule
  • Potential cost savings